Our wonderful Classical teachers
Our fantastic resident contemporary teacher
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Our Cooperative of teachers

We have a group of teachers who are behind the scenes for Elite Ballet Project with years of experience in all areas of dance between them. We all feel passionate about giving talented dancers more opportunities to train with the best. We are also aware that the world of dance training can be very expensive, some can afford it, others really cannot. This is why we want to be able to offer as many scholarships as possible to those who have a true passion to learn and improve. 

Our amazing cooperative consists of .....

  • Lisa Maybank - Dance teacher

  • Vicky Howes - Dance teacher

  • Grace Hume - Dance teacher

  • Tamara Moubayed - Examiner and Dance teacher

  • Lindsay Krauhaus - Dance teacher and consultant

  • Tim Clarke - Examiner and Dance teacher

  • Dave Watkins-Pitchford - Photographer and Artist in Residence

  • Judith Wilson - Dance teacher

  • Kim Phipps - Dance wear shop owner (retired)

  • Emily McAllister-Brown - Dance teacher

  • Georgia D'Arcy - Dance teacher

  • Laura Bouckley - Full time Dance teacher


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